Quezon: Atimonan Town’s Parish Church and Iskong Bantay Watchtower

They were going to Atimonan Town for the market and I made sure I go along. Even though I’ve been in Atimonan numerous times, I don’t remember ever visiting the town proper. Barangay Buhangin is just an easy 10-15minutes drive. If coming from the zig-zag or the new diversion road, it’s just left before heading to the main road to Bicol. We got into the narrow roads of the town and headed straight to the market to find a place to park. While the relatives do the shopping, we went to the Parish Church, the center of the town.

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La Union: Luna’s Namacpacan Church, Pebble Beach and Watchtower

Our Lady of Namacpacan San Fernando

Done with admiring the Macho Temple, we moved up north to the Town of Luna 40km away from San Fernando. We were on our way to the pebble beach but we can’t afford not to stop and checkout the beautiful Shrine of Our Lady of Namacpacan. Luna Town was used to be called Namacpacan due to the town’s reputed hospitality to visitors. Namacpacan is an Ilocano word meaning “one who had given food”. It was in October 18, 1906 when the town changed its name to Luna to honor the Luna brothers Antonio and Luna.

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