Pangasinan | Zipline, ATV and more at Balungao Hilltop Adventure

Zipline with Mt Balungao at the background

I think there was a time in Philippine tourism when we had a “Zipline Craze”. After a few successful ziplines in Davao, Bukidnon and my favorite, Lake Sebu, suddenly, a lot of province I had visited to wants to add a zipline as their attraction. In my head I was screaming “Not another zipline!” as a tourism officer enthusiastically shares their plan on site. In Pangasinan, there’s Balungao Hilltop Adventure view that claims to have the longest zipline in the country at 1.4km long. Honestly, it’s the first time I’ve heard of the municipality of Balungao. If not for Lakbay Norte 5, this would remain out of my radar. And guess what? We get to try their zipline and more.

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Travel Mindanao | Lake Sebu Zipline and The Seven Falls

Lake Sebu has seen its share of development in the years. Apart from the tranquil three lakes in this land of dreamweavers, the Lake Sebu Zipline has been a big draw — being the highest in the country and personally the most scenic as well. The #TravelMindanao team of course wouldn’t miss experiencing this one. Even if I had rode the Lake Sebu Zipline before, I was still excited to try it again. The group headed to Hikong Alu, the first of the seven falls in Lake Sebu where the jump-off for the zipline is stationed.

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Lakbay Norte 2: PUGAD’s Extreme Adventure at Pugo, La Union

I think the Filipinos are getting more adventurous these days and have a growing number of adrenalin junkies. The sudden emergence of numerous zip lines all over the country can attest to this. If a place is capable of installing one, no matter how short or low it is, they’ll put up one just to satisfy and attract people for that whiff adrenaline rush. I’ve been through several good zip lines but they are found in the Visayas and Mindanao. And with this Lakbay Norte 2, I was pleased to find a new adventure destination in La Union that offers another scenic zip line and more.

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South Cotabato: Spectacular Lake Sebu Seven Falls Zipline

Lake Sebu Zipline

I must admit, I was thinking, “What the hell did they do to they do to the Seven Falls?” first I heard about a zipline being set up there. Marring the amazing sight of the falls with wires was the image that came to mind. But then again, I’ve heard and read from people how they enjoyed the zipline but I wanted to see it first and make sure they didn’t do anything drastic to the natural landscape. So the recent Backpack Photography gave me a chance to experience the getting famous Lake Sebu Seven Falls Zipline.

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