AirAsia Zest Links Manila to Miri Malaysia

“It’s all about connecting people.There’s a large concentration of Filipino workers in Miri and we want people to easily connect with their families.” Says Ms Joy Caneba, Executive Vice President and COO of AirAsia Zest during the inaugural ceremony in Miri Airport of AirAsia Zest’s flight from Manila to Miri. A first in the country, the Miri route is also a good alternative entry point to nearby Brunei which is only 30 minutes away from the city. Personally, I am interested to the Miri destination as it is the jump-off to one of UNESCO’s Natural World Heritage Site, the Gunung Mulu National Park.

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Discover Manado and the Wonders of North Sulawesi

North Sulawesi, found at the tip of the K-shaped island of Sulawesi, may not be as popular to the “eat-pray-love” crowd of Bali or the enlightenment-seekers meditating on the multi-tiered levels of Borobudur in Yogyakarta, but explorers and adventurers seeking a refreshing side of Indonesia will find something to like in this region. There’s an interesting mix of culture, islets teeming with diverse marine life, imposing volcanoes, enchanting lakes and a slew of activities that can keep people under the sun longer than intended.

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Macau: Night Walk at the Central

Tree of Prosperity

It was barely an hour’s rest for the afternoon. A 15 minutes power nap at the least then I hit the showers to freshen up for the night walk. The day isn’t ending yet. There’s a lot more to see. Regrouping at Ponte 16‘s lobby by 6, we got into our comfy seats at the couch and headed for a very short drive at the central where clusters of luxury hotels and casinos clustered together beam of dazzling lights to lure people in.

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Dumaguete City Strolling

Dumaguete Church Plaza Garden

The coastal city of Dumaguete in Negros Oriental is also considered the land of the gentle people. At some sense I had to agree with that since I found Dumaguete upon first impression very peaceful. You don’t have that sense of danger or urgency. It’s almost like any rural city but this one dominated by the large Silliman University and a lot cleaner in my opinion. And it was a surprise to see a lot of foreign backpackers and nationals are here. Just says something about the place.

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Dumaguete: Casaroro Falls

I thought I would never be able to go on with this trip. I had a flu that seems to resurface for the past couple of weeks. And when I thought I was well already, I swam and had my flu back again. Talking about stubborn. I knew I had a trip coming real soon which made me a bit frustrated being in sickbay. Come November 1 morning, the day we were about to leave, I decided to push through despite having a fever the night before and some persistent dry cough. I was feeling a bit better when I woke up so off I go headed to the domestic airport for Dumaguete and Siquijor. I always thought, hey this may be the best time to see if those Mananambals (healers) in Siquijor could relieve me of my sickness.

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Rainforest Park Pasig

I’m currently handcuffed on my new job so I think I won’t be able to have any major travels until the end of the year. So trying to find a decent weekender getaway would be my challenge now. And what better way to start would be my neighborhood. Just a short tricycle ride worth 40 pesos for special trip or a jeepney ride to Stella Maris is Pasig then a tricycle worth 7 pesos will take you to one of the neat attractions in Pasig in the Mercedes area – The Rainforest Park.

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