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Laos: An overnight in Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng Chill Out

Chilling by the Nam Song River in Vang Vieng

When I got back to Thony II guesthouse after spending time by the Mekong River and eating dinner, I met Johnny by the entrance of the guesthouse. I met him before there and we had a little chat when I told him I’ll be going back to Vang Vieng tomorrow. He offered his Van service costing 100,000 Kip which was a small portion cheaper by going by bus. I agreed since I don’t have to spend another fare going to the bus station since the Van would be coming from the guest house.

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China: Ancient Town Fenghuang

fenghuang Narrow Flagstone Streets

The narrow flagstone streets of Fenghuang

At least a couple of hours bus ride from Tongren, we arrived at the town of Fenghuang, located at the north-western side of Hunan province. Since our next bus ride to is a bit late in the afternoon, we decided to spend some time in town. Fenghuang has two sides, the modern and the ancient. The Ancient River side town is considered as one of China’s Heritage and also one of the two most beautiful town in the whole China, the other being Chang Ting in Fujian Province.

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E.A.T. Danao: Bohol’s new adventure destination

Kayak and tubbing in Wahig River, Bohol

Kayak and tubbing in Wahig River, Bohol

Note: I’m reposting this entry as before I was asked kindly by the folks at Smile Magazine to remove the post until the issue is out. Now the October/November issue of Smile Magazine is out, and it’s an Adventure Packed issue, so if you are flying via Cebu Pacific Airlines anytime between October and November, don’t forget to check out the latest issue of Smile. You could preview the line up at their website

For the meantime, forget about anything you commonly know about Bohol. Forget about the chocolate hills, the historical churches, the tarsiers, the beaches and the diving. Now open yourself up as we go inland off-center to the heart of Bohol where extreme adventures awaits for every nature lover and outdoor thrill seekers. Let us now venture into Danao, Bohol’s newest adventure mecca.

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Ancient town of Hoi An

Welcome to Hoi An

Entrance to one of the Art Shops in Hoi An

So there we were, riding on a back of a motorcycle on a 4 hour journey towards Hoi An from Hue. It was an exciting ride speeding through the hi-ways of Vietnam. I felt I was the young Che Guevarra (hoping to look as well :P) of Motorcycle Diaries who traveled from Argentina to Chile. But the problem was I was really feeling sleepy during the trip, which is kind of dangerous when you’re on the back of the bike. Good thing our “Easy Rider” guide gave me a bubble gum to chew on to fight the sleepiness.

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