China: Dazu Rock Carvings 大足石刻

Picture of Transmigration in Six Ways 六道轮回

After setting our stuff at Nanbin Youth Hostel in Chongqing Municipality, we didn’t want to waste time that afternoon so we headed to Caiyuan Ba bus station to get tickets to Dazu County 大足县 and visit one of the most important Cultural Heritage Sites in China, the Dazu Rock Carvings 大足石刻, which is also included in China’s numerous list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Transit: Chongqing Municipality

Chongqing Time Square and the Liberation Monument

This South West China trip has been in conception since late last year. For out of the country trips like this, I try to prepare months ahead. But I must credit my friend here for coming up with a “Do-able” IT. Some people would ask “Where are you going in China? Beijing for the Great Wall?” Though I would love to see the Great Wall once in my life, it’s not as attractive as getting into the heart of China. I dunno, I just have a penchant for going to places not as popular. Besides, I like the countryside more than the cities.

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Culture Shock China

Chongqing airport city bus

Before going any further about my trip in mainland China, I first have to tell you something about their culture. Unlike the coastal cities in China, almost NO ONE can speak in English which can be quite a challenge. So unless you have a friend who can read and speak passable Chinese, a guide book with Chinese characters or hire a professional guide, it can be hard to survive there. Aside from that, they have behaviors that can be “Shocking” to us Filipinos or other Foreign nationals as well. If any people from the Mainland China is reading this, I meant no disrespect but only give my observation that can lessen the initial “shock” first timers may get. In fact other Chinese also detest some of their boorish behavior. It’s a reality we can’t change, since these may have rooted since ancient times. So what I advise is to keep an open mind. Once you get past these you’ll be able to adapt and enjoy your stay there.

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