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IGACOS | Monfort Bat Cave: Marvel at the Sight of 2.5 Million Bats

 Geoffrey Rousette fruit bats in the cave
Geoffrey Rousette fruit bats in the cave

I made sure I allotted a day to do an inland tour around Samal Island. The objective was to visit a couple of waterfalls and also the famed Monfort Bat Cave which has earned itself a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2010 for having the largest colony of bats in a cave. I must admit, at first my interest wasn’t really sky high on seeing this site as I thought it would just be trivial, but being there changed my opinion of this one-of-a-kind sanctuary.


Bataan: Clam Seeding for Anvaya Cove’s Reef Rehabilitation

Anvaya Cove Pool and Tower Bar

Anvaya Cove’s Tower Bar and Pool

More often than not, when development invades a place, it is the natural resources that are left to suffer when people started building structures. It’s a good thing that community developers now know the importance between the balance of nature and community. Anvaya Cove at Morong, Bataan is one such community concerned with environmental sustainability. They created the AEFI (Anvaya Environmental Foundation, Inc) and I got a chance to be part of their maiden project last December 5, 2009, which is the Clam Seeding for Reeforestation.

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Manila: National Geographic’s Big Blue Exhibit

Big Blue

The life-size sculpture of a baby blue whale

They are heavier than 25 adult elephants. They have a heart the size of a car. They are larger than the biggest dinosaurs. They can move at the speed of 32km/h. They are the largest and considered one of the most intelligent mammals on earth. And they have existed for 18 million years. They are the Big Blue Whales and they are endangered.

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Nueva Vizcaya: Dipterocarp Forest Carbon Measurement

Imugan's Dipetrocarp Forest

Imugan’s Dipterocarp Forest

The main activity for the day was to do the documentary shoot at the dipterocarp forest in Imugan. We met with the team of Foresters at the Kalahan Academy and they explained to us briefly where we are going. There were about a team of 8 foresters with us to cover everything we need. We’ll be tagging along with them as they work through the forest.


Mindoro: Getting Up Close to the Rare Philippine Tamaraw

Tamaraw Gene Pool Cute

The young Tamaraw, Kali at San Jose, Mindoro

I enjoyed a night of rest at Villa Paulina Resort and glad I didn’t have to wake up too early on my second day in Mindoro. This time we’re going into the mainland up towards the north western part of San Jose to get up close to see the rare Philippine Tamaraws. The Tamaraws are endangered species of buffalo, scientifically known as bubalis mindorensis. They can only be found in the Philippines and endemic to Mindoro Island. It’s gonna be an exciting day. My service from Villa Paulina drove me early at 7am to another resort, Sikatuna where I’ll have breakfast and meet my companions for this trip.

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